Our Vision

The goal of AUVCalStateLA. is to design, build, and test autonomous underwater vehicles to compete in the annual AUVSI RoboSub Competition. The AUV will navegate and underwater obstacle course and perform a series of pre-determined tasks without any human interaction.


Team Activities

Team Composition

Electrical Engineering

Our Electrical Engineering design team is in charge of the development and maintenance of vehicle control and power systems. Our electrical design aims to be economical, high quality, reliable, sustainable, and safe.

Computer Science

Our Computer Science team is responsible for developing, testing, and evaluating all computer control and vision systems. The CS team aims to develop a simple and robust system with economical hardware.

Mechanical Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineering team is fully committed to providing cost-effective solutions for development and testing of an autonomous underwater vehicle. Highly focused on design an innovation.


Our business team is responsible for all public relations related to our project. This team budgets, coordinate events, fundraise, obtain sponsorships, hold outreach events and maintain social media networks.

  • Our approach to development

    While new ideas and projects can be very exciting, engineering concepts require extensive research and countless hours of hard work. Rapid prototype fabrication can help smooth out implementation methods and provide useful data about different subsystems of the AUV.

    Using this data, we can then minimize risk and failure in future implementations. Prototyping also offers the unique opportunity to quickly explore different engineering methods and solutions.

  • Transforming ideas into reality

    In Summer 2016, the team will attempt to bridge the gap between heavily emphasized classroom learning to hands-on engineering experience. We will offer students the opportunity to practice rapid development and testing through a prototype based on a simple PVC frame.

    This activity will help us identify possible design flaws, gather accurate design requirements, understand and rectify technical issues, and gather financial support and sponsorships.

California State UniversityLos Angeles

Our Team

  • Team Member

    Faculty Advisor

    Mark Tufenkjian, Ph.D., P.E

    Team Member

    Faculty Advisor

    He Shen, Ph.D.

    Team Member

    President/Team Capitan (EE)

    J.Diego Santillan

    Team Member


    David Garcia (ME)

    Team Member

    Sub-Captain (EE)

    Erick Avalos

    Team Member

    Computer Science Team (CS)

    Che Shian Hung

  • Team Member

    Pneumatic Systems (ME)

    Alan Thruog

    Team Member

    Frame and motion (ME)

    Kevin Ma

    Team Member

    Mechanical Claw (ME)

    Richard Lam

    Team Member

    Obstacles (ME)

    Rafael Machuca

    Team Member

    Physics (Bio-Physics)

    Tracey Mg

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Engineering and Technology Building, C-253